School Council Meeting: Additional Agenda Item

Welcoming Dr. Sal Mendaglio

In addition to the School Council items previously advertised, we will also be hosting Dr. Sal Mendaglio at our meeting who will provide information on a research project he is undertaking through the University of Calgary. Many parents may remember Dr. Mendaglio from our gifted conference we held a few years back when we were in Ardrosson.

Dr. Mendaglio has spend many years counseling gifted individuals, and he is currently conducting a study aimed at understanding the experience of parenting gifted children. The focus is on parents of children in Kindergarten to Grade 3. He will be present at the May 22 School Council meeting sharing information and answering questions about his study with the hope of having ten NHS parents participating.

School Council Meeting at 7:00 p.m.

  • Key Agenda Items
    • Develop fund allocation request for 2018/2019 school year. To be forwarded to FANHS
      for consideration.
    • Principal’s Report
      • Presentation of Revised Dress Code
      • Feedback on increasing lunch-hour time and eliminating afternoon recess
      • Truth & Reconciliation at NHS