After School Pick-Up

After school pick-up is problematic.

  • The current process creates long waits.
  • Drivers picking up their children at their designated curb pick-up on Hawkins Crescent become “trapped” by cars parked in the driving lane waiting to enter the parking lot.
  • Traffic is spilling out of the parking lot and onto the street. Drivers are stopping in a driving lane for several minutes obstructing traffic. Doing so is a violation of the Alberta Traffic Safety Act (44) (o)
    • According to the Act, a person driving cannot stop or park a vehicle on the roadway side of a vehicle that is parked or stopped at the curb or edge of the roadway.


Volunteers Would Help!

We could use your help. Our pick-up process can be streamlined, be quicker, and be less congested if we had more parent volunteers.

All that the  volunteers would need to do is ensure students are entering a vehicle safely inside a loading zone.

Before we can initiate any other changes to the process below, we need to be sure that volunteers are in place for the year to avoid constantly changing pick-up procedures. If all drivers help with a one or two week shift per year, everyone will benefit in the long run.

To volunteer for a shift, please use this site.



Pick-Up Procedures

Please Read Carefully

  • Pick-Up Zones
    • Grade 5-9
      • Pick-up curbside on Hawkins unless a child from grade K-4 is also being picked up – in such case use the parking lot zone.
    • Grades K-4
      • Pick-up in the school parking lot.
  • Entering Hawkins Crescent – NEW
    • Please continue to enter Hawkins Crescent at its west access (ie – not at the pedestrian crossing).
    • Form a single line curbside.
    • Keep your four way flashers on to indicate to the vehicle behind you that you are in the pick-up line.
    • When you reach in the curbside pick up zone on Hawkins Crescent 
      •  take your four-way flashers off  if you are there to pick up your child
      • keep your four-way flashers on if you intend to advance to the parking lot
      • you may pass a vehicle and enter the parking lot only if the vehicles in front to you DO NOT have their four-way flashers on.
  • Entering the Parking Lot
    • Enter the parking lot only if you can do so without stopping on the sidewalk or stopping beside a vehicle parked on the curb.
    • Keep your four-way flashers on until you are ready to exit.
  •  Inside the Parking Lot: Picking Up Your Child- NEW
    • Pick -up only in the zone BEWTEEN the pylons in front of the school.
    • If your child is not in the zone when you arrive, you will be asked to leave the parking lot and re-enter the pick-up line by driving around the Crescent again to allow other students who are waiting to get picked up.
      • NOTE: Those who are first in line at dismissal time will be given 3 minutes after the dismissal bell before they will be asked to exit the lot.
  • Exiting the Parking Lot
    • Remain in single file.
    • Passing
      • If you are ready to exit,  turn off your four-way flashers.
      • Wait for a signal from traffic monitor to advance you.