Can I pass the line after my child has been picked up?

  • You may pass the line when it is safe to do so if you picked up your child on Hawkin’s Crescent.
  • If you picked up your child in the school parking lot, please do not pass unless a traffic monitor has indicated that you may do so.

Vehicle Identification Number

  • If your child is picked up regularly, you may wish to request a vehicle identification number.
  • The vehicle identification number should be hung on your rear-view mirror for after school pick-up.
  • Having the number allows monitors to call out the number to the students and direct them to your vehicle sooner. Therefore, please make sure your child knows your vehicle number.
  • If you do not have a vehicle identification number and wish to get one, please complete this form.

Pick-Up Procedures

At pick-up time, NHS is a busy and congested place.

In order to maintain safety and reduce the congestion, please read the following closely.

Pick-up time can take up to 10-15 minutes after the 3:14 p.m. dismissal time.

Pick-Up Zone (light blue on the map)

  • Please continue to enter Hawkins Crescent at its west access (ie – not at the pedestrian crossing).
  • Form a single line curbside.
  • Keep your four way flashers on to indicate to the vehicle behind you that you are in the pick-up line.
  • As students are picked up, the line will move forward. Please move with the line.
  • Please do not park or wait for you child in the blue zone. Remain in your vehicle and move forward with the line.
  • Do not double-park to gain entry to the parking lot.

How will I know where my child is? 

  • Unless you’ve made alternate arrangements with your child, all students who are being picked up will remain at the main entrance of the school.
  • As students are picked up, the pick-up vehicle line will move forward.
  • A monitor is also located on Hawkins Crescent calling out vehicle numbers to the monitors at the school entrance.
  • If that monitor finds your child, he or she will be directed to walk along the sidewalk to the Hawkins Crescent monitor.

How will my child get to my car?

  • After school monitors will assist students to their vehicle.
  • Monitors are located in front of the school and along Hawkins Crescent.