Welcome Parents to School Council!

New Horizon’s School Council is for parents and we want to promote and foster an inviting, inclusive forum for our parents and staff to collaborate about how to best serve our students and our school.

We hold meetings monthly to communicate detailed information to the parent body and exchange ideas with parents about the goings on of our school.  We serve our school by providing recommendations on how to put fundraising dollars to best use, by lending a hand to support our teachers and school run activities, and by encouraging parents to make connections with each other to build a strong New Horizons community.

Please join us as we work to make New Horizons School like a second home for our children!

 2017-2018 School Council Executive

Chair:  Kim Johnson

Vice Chair:  Brandy Cox

Secretary:  Sandra Dargis

Finance Officer:  Manda Wilde

Communications Officer:  Laura Rasmussen

 2017-2018  Meetings

All NHS parents are welcome to attend School Council Meetings.

Next Meeting Date: November 28 at 7:00 pm in the NHS Learning Common


Class room incentive policy To be voted on at Nov 28 school council meeting..

Records management policy  For initial discussion Nov 28 meeting


Submitted 2017-2018 Fund Allocation Model