Imagine And Create

Last week the school was involved in another Inspire and Create (IC) event. Our  IC event is a school-wide activity that promotes creative problem solving and collaboration – it is also a time to have some fun! Occurring once a month, students from K-9 gather in division groups (K-3; 4-6; 7-9) or mixed grade (K-9) groups and are given a challenge. To learn more about our IC event click here.


In our latest IC event, Division 1 and II students were in mixed grade groupings in the gym while the junior high students were in mixed grade groupings in the learning commons, but they both had the same challenge – create a structure out of newspaper that can withhold the weight of textbooks.





After being given time to strategize, students could begin the construction phase.  After the allotted time expired, the creations were put to the test. Amazingly many of the structures that were created could hold the weight of 15-20 text books!