After School Pick-Up Zone #2


  1. This is our first year allowing pick-up to occur in the parking lot after school.  While we have taken care to make the process as smooth as possible, delays are likely to occur. Our School Traffic Safety Committee will monitor the process and make necessary changes. We ask for your care patience over the next few days.
  2. In order to streamline after school pick-up, please note the following:
    1. Pick-up for Grades K-4 – Pick-Up Zone 1 (parking lot) – see above map
    2. Pick-Up for Grades 5-9Pick-Up Zone 2 (curbside) – see above map.

Pick-Up Zone 2

  • Please line up single file curbside in the lane indicated by light blue on the  map.
  • Remain in your vehicles at all times.
  • Keep your 4-way flashers on to indicate to the vehicles behind you that you are picking up in Zone 2 so that they know they can pass to get to the parking lot.
  • Advance when the vehicle in front of you advances.
  • Loading will occur only in the Pick-Up Zone between the pylons.
    • Please do not persuade you child to walk to your vehicle if you are not in the pick-up zone.
    • NOTE: We are arranging a system for older students to walk out of the pick-up zone to their parent’s vehicle. We will notify you when that system is in place.

KEEP THE TRAFFIC FLOWING:  Our buses will be loading on Strathcona Drive. In Strathcona County, urban buses do not use their flashers when loading and unloading. Therefore, it is legal to pass the buses while they are in the zone. Please do not wait for the buses to leave to enter Strathcona Drive.