The Week Ahead at NHS (January 14 – January 18)

Please note that the previous post contained an error.

Our School Information Night is on Wednesday, January 16 and NOT Tuesday as previously posted.


Monday, January 14  (Day 3) 

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  • Sign-Up for an in-school chess tournament.
    • Students from grades 1-9 are welcome to sign up to participate in a school chess tournament.
    • There will be three categories: Primary (1-3), Intermediate (4-6), and Junior High (6-9).
    • Sign-up will be at the office, and the tournament will begin next week.

Tuesday, January 15 (Day 4) 

Wednesday, January 16 (Day 5) 

Thursday, January 16 (Day 1) 

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    • This will be a Drama Club lunch recess.
  • Nighthawks Basketball (4:00 p.m.)
    • Boys Nighthawks vs. St.  Luke at St. Luke
    • Girls Nighthawks vs. St. Luke at NHS
  • We are in dire need of referees for our home games on Thursdays after school. If you know of anyone who can help us out, please contact the school.
  • Playground Committee Meeting @ 7:00 p.m.

Friday, January 17 (Day 2)