Welcome Back!

A new school year always brings with it excitement, and all of the changes that have occurred in the school over the summer add to that excitement.

Whether you are returning to New Horizons School, or you are new to our school, we are looking forward to seeing you on the first day of school on August 30.

Those of you who  drove past the school may have noticed that the site was buzzing with activity all summer long.  That buzzing of activity will be continuing for the next few days so that things are in place as much as possible for the first day of school.

While teachers officially begin on Monday, August 28, staff,  as you can imagine, are already in the school. Staff did not have access to the school all summer until the last few days.  There are many items that were displaced to make way for the summer renovations and are needing to be moved back in place. At this point, much of that is unable to happen until more spaces are made available to us.

With that in mind, we have these updates.

Contacting the Office

The office area and foyer underwent a major transformation and will be unrecognizable to those who have been in the school before! Only yesterday was when we could begin unboxing the huge number of items the office area stores. That unboxing will continue through the week.

Currently, our office phones are still not hooked up. If you need to contact the office, please use our Contact Page to email us. We will let you know when the phones are back in business.

Entering the School

The school is still considered a construction site so public access is limited to only those who have made prior arrangements with the school. Please do not enter the school without prior approval.

First Day Back

Over the next few days, we will be posting our First Day Back information so that you and your child will know what to anticipate when you arrive on August 30.

Parking Lot

Our parking lot has been expanded! It will be paved over the weekend and available for use by the first day of school.

Our First Day Back information will include our traffic management and parking plan.

Other Spaces

  • Floors and Ceilings: New flooring and ceiling tiles continues to be installed.
  • Gymnasium: Wow! It is looking bright and new. New lights, paint, and sound panels have been installed. Currently, the floor is being sanded down in preparation of a new finishing.
  • Foods Room: The new foods room is still being completed. What a great looking kitchen!
  • Other Classrooms: The remainder of the classrooms were renovated and that included more windows!
  • Once the major work has been completed, a terminal cleaning will occur before students arrive.

Please check back to this site over the next few days for further updates.