Candy Grams

Student Council will be selling candy grams on February 9th and 10th at lunch in the gym. The candy grams are $1 for 5 Hershey Kisses in a bag. Students are limited to 5 bags per student. Student Council is hoping that students bring bills that are $10.00 or smaller. The candy grams will be delivered will be delivered at school on February 16th.

Stakeholder Forum 2016 – Results

Many thanks are extended to the parents, students and staff members who participated in the Stakeholder Forum on January 19. A summary of the input received has been compiled and can be viewed here. The Board and Administration will give careful consideration to this input, as well as to information received from other sources (e.g. survey results, achievement data), in the development of our next Three-Year Education Plan. Thanks are also extended to our facilitators from the Community Development Unit of Alberta Culture and Tourism, who provided expert guidance through the process and who prepared the summary document.