January Newsletter Now Available

Our January newsletter has just been published. In this issue, find out more about

  • Parent Mini-Conference on Gifted Education
  • A Science Club
  • Accountability Pillar Survey information
  • … and more …

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School Information Night

We will be having our School Information Night on Wednesday, January 28 at  our Ardrossan School location.

The information session will begin with an general assembly in the gym at 7:00 p.m. Information regarding giftedness and our school in general will be presented. Parents interested in our school are invited to attend.

After the large group session, parents will break out to the classrooms where grade specific information will be shared and questions can be asked. The kindergarten presentation will continue in the gym.

The junior high information will be a joint 7-9 presentation. Parents of current NHS Grade 6 students may wish to attend. We will be making a presentation to the Grade 6 class later in the spring after more junior high planning has occurred.

PJ Day – January 22

Come dressed in those comfy pj’s! Students may also bring a stuffy or pillow to take to the gym for buddy reading at lunch recess. 

Inspire and Create Activity

Each short Wednesday afternoon, we have a school-wide Inspire and Create (C&I) event. Students are in multi-grade (K-9) house groups and are given engaging tasks that require collaboration and the use of creative problem solving skills.

Each session begins with students practicing their divergent thinking skills by generating as many responses as possible to a statement. This week’s statement was  “_________ changes  ________ to __________” (for example “Heat turns ice into water.”

House groups earn points based on the number ideas they can generate within a time-frame.

After the war-up activity, students work on a larger, more challenging task. This month’s C & I task was to use the material’s given to create something that could protect an egg breaking after being hit with a softball. There were many creative solutions, but only a few protectors could withstand the brute force of a falling softball!

In the photo below, students anxiously wait to see if the softball dropped through the tube would crush the egg (below the tube) that is protected by the egg protector.

Inspire and Create Group Task
Inspire and Create Group Task

Things to Remember for Wednesday

This is a reminder that Wednesday, January 7  is an early dismissal day. Students are dismissed at 2:10 p.m.

Also, students should remember to wear their house colours on Wednesday. Points will be awarded for those participating. We will be having our school-wide Imagine and Create creativity activity in the last part of the afternoon