Seeking Student Artists!

We are still accepting student artwork for a poster series that we want to create for our school and classrooms.

Students from New Horizons School are invited to submit their poster ideas for the following words: Learning, Respect, Fairness, Honesty and Safety. Each of these ideas are part of our school social contact:

Our School is a place of LEARNING.

It is a place where we treat each other with RESPECT and HONESTY.

We learn and play in a way that is SAFE and FAIR


~ posters must be submitted on 81/2 X 11 sheets of paper

~ artwork must be the student’s original work

~ the key word (e.g. Respect) may be printed by a computer, but the artwork must be hand-produced

~ students may submit a poster for just one word, but preference will be given to submissions that come as a set with each poster having a common style or theme

~ student name and grade must be printed on the back only

Posters chosen by the selection committee will be professionally reproduced to create classroom sets of the posters.

Entry Deadline: November 7

Please contact us for more information.

NHS Student Voice

This is a reminder that applications are still open to those students from Grade 3 to Grade 9 who may be interested in being a student representative on Student Voice.

For more information about Student Voice and how to apply, click here.

Post-Secondary and Career Event For Gr. 9

The high schools in Elk Island Public Schools have organized a post-secondary and career event on October 28, and they have invited our Grade 9 students. For information about the event, visit the Your Future: It’s a Matter of Choice information page.

Thank you to Elk Island Public Schools for inviting us to what looks like an exciting evening!

Cre8tive Club

Today was the first meeting of the Grades 1 to 3 Cre8tiv Club. With great enthusiasm and a little help from the Tuesday / Thursday Kindergarten children, the creative abstract styles of Jackson Pollock (“Splash and Drip painting”) and Wassily Kandinsky (“Several Circles”) were explored with  relish. Hope everyone had fun and  is looking forward to next week’s adventure into creativity.

Here are some of the masterpieces that were created!

creative club 1 Oct creative club 4 Oct creative club 3 Oct creative club 2 Oct

Facility Update

School Facility Update

On Wednesday of last week, Premier Prentice announced funding for the third phase of a 10-year school capital build-out. Phase 3 includes funds for the planning and design of 55 new and expanded schools, as well as for the planning of 20 school modernizations. A short statement on the Alberta Education website identifies New Horizons School as being among those for which funding has been provided, with the statement reading as follows:

• School District: New Horizons Charter School

• Project Type: Modernize former St. Theresa School

A follow-up telephone conversation with Alberta Education officials has provided some limited additional information regarding the meaning of this brief announcement. Funds have evidently been set aside to enable our school to begin planning for a major modernization of the former St Theresa School. As we understand it, this planning process will include the participation of architects and other professional planning personnel; we also understand that this planning process will begin soon. This is exciting news for our school, in that it will enable us to develop modernization plans that go well beyond those associated with the minor renovations that are presently being undertaken at our new school by Alberta Infrastructure.

Parents and other members of the New Horizons School community should keep in mind that these funds are intended for planning only; funds to support the actual major modernization have not yet been provided. Note also that we have not been advised of any specific amount of funds (the intent being to minimize the extent to which funding announcements influence the bidding process).

Nevertheless, we see this announcement as a hopeful sign that funds for a major modernization for our new school facility will be forthcoming at a point in the not too distant future.

Additional information regarding the recent announcement about school capital funding can be found online at

We will also share new information as it is received from Alberta Education.

Don Falk – Superintendent

October 14, 2014

Welcome New Board Directors

Board elections were held at the Special General Meeting on October 8. New Horizons Charter School Society welcomes new members Vicky Qualie and Carole Karbonik to the Board and thanks retiring members Jay-Lynn Loh and Christine Vogel for their service over the past several years. Current Board members are listed below.


Jason Clarke – Board Chair
Jill Weiss – Vice-Chair
Kim Thomson – Treasurer
Vicky Qualie – Secretary
Carole Karbonik – Director
Dave MacLean – Director
Ryan Bosch – Director


Board SGM

October 8 @ 7:00 p.m.

This meeting will include Board elections.

No School

Friday, October 10: IPP Writing Day

Monday, October 13: Thanksgiving Day