Nighthawk Volleyball Has Begun

Our boys and girls Nighthawks volleyball teams began their season in the Elk Island Catholic Schools League this week.

Each team played two games this week, one against the Holy Spirit Heat, and the other against the Holy Redeemer Raiders.

Despite having only a week to practice before the games, our teams performed well in their first two games. Both teams remain winless, after the first week.

However, The girls put a very strong showing in their games against Holy Sprint, forcing one of the sets to 29 points! They were with a few points of Holy Redeemer as well.

The boys opened the season against Holy Spirit losing soundly in the first set, but coming back and making the Heat work for the second win. A much better game was played against Holy Redeemer. While losing both sets, the boys were within a few points of victory.

Good luck next week when the teams take on the St. Theresa Hawks and the OLA (Ft. Sask.) Crusaders.



A huge thank you is extended to the Elk Island Catholic Schools Sports Council for once again inviting us into their league!




Classroom Agreements

Those of you who were with us last year know that our school has a social contract. It is an agreement about what we value and believe at New Horizons School and helps guides our choices of behavior.

Our school wide social contract reads as follows:

Our school is a place of learning.

It is a place where we treat each other with respect and honesty.

We work and play in a way that is safe and fair.

All who enter our school, whether they be students, teachers, parents, or visitors, are expected to honor our social contract.

Now that a new year has begin, many classrooms have begun establishing their own social contracts.

In the above photos, students in grade 5J examined what they believed was important to consider when behaving in the classroom. From the beliefs come rules or expectations for behavior. This process allows students to understand why a rule is in place, and it empowers them by being able to actively contribute to class expectations.

By exploring rules and the beliefs behind rules, students identify what is important to uphold in the class.

Parents are invited to attend the School Council Meeting on Tuesday September 26 @ 7:00 a.m. to learn more about our approach to managing student behavior at school.

Student Fundraises for Stollery Children’s Hospital at NHS Meet the Teacher Night

NHS staff welcomed back students and parents on the September 13 Welcome Back Barbecue and Meet the Teacher Night.

Over two hundred parents and students came for the evening event and helped to support a fundraiser organized by grade 3 student, Sydney (far left).

At the end of the day, Sydney raised $166.oo for her cause by selling freezies. She sold out before the evening was done.

Thank you, Sydney, for organizing the fundraiser, and thank you to all the students and parents who supported it.




The Week Ahead: Sept. 18-22

Monday,  September 18

  •  Picture Day!
  • Jr. High Boys and Girls Volleyball Practice (3:30 – 4:30 p.m.)


Tuesday,  September 19

  •  Nighthawks Volleyball Kicks Off
    • Girls: Nighthawks vs. Holy Spirit Heat at Holy Spirit Catholic School
    • Boys: Nighthawks vs. Holy Spirit Heat at NHS

Wednesday,  September 20

  • Grade 5/6 Volleyball Practice (3:30 – 4:30)
  • Fundraising Association of New Horizons School (FANHS) meeting at 6:30 p.m. in the NHS Learning Commons.

Thursday,  September 21

  •  Nighthawks Volleyball 
    • Girls: Nighthawks vs. Holy Redeemer Raiders at NHS
    • Boys: Nighthawks vs. Holy Redeemer Raiders at Holy Redeemer (Ardrossan)


REMINDER: No buses are running on Thursday, October 5. Please make alternate travel arrangements for your child.

The Week Ahead September 11-15


Tuesday,  September 12

  •  Junior High Boys & Girls Volleyball Practice:  
    • 3:30 – 5:00 p.m.
    • Please arrange to have your child picked up promptly after practice.
    • Students must wear appropriate gym attire and shoes.

Wednesday,  September 13

  • Our “Meet the Teacher Night” will be held from 6:00 7:00 p.m.
  • From 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. we will be having a “Welcome Back BBQ.” Staff will be preparing hot dogs and hamburgers for parents and students.
    • Please indicate your attendance to the BBQ by using the link emailed to you previously (contact the office for a link if you did not receive one). Please respond by Monday, September 11.
  • A Board Meeting will be held in the Learning Commons beginning at 7:00 p.m. Parents are welcome to attend.

Tuesday,  September 14

  •  Junior High Boys & Girls Volleyball Practice:  
    • 3:30 – 5:00 p.m

Friday,  September 15

  •  Terry Fox Run  
    • Students at NHS will be participating in a Terry Fox Run at school in the afternoon.
    • We are requesting that students participate in the “Toonie for Terry” fundraiser for the Terry Fox Run. Please bring the toonie in on Friday.



The Week Ahead


Tuesday,  September 5

  • Our gym should be available beginning Monday, September 11
  •  Junior High Boys & Girls Volleyball Sign-Up:  
    • Students interested in signing up will be asked to meet in the Learning Commons during lunch hour.

Wednesday,  September 6

  • Early Dismissal: 
    • Every first Wednesday of the month is an early dismissal for staff meetings.
    • Students are dismissed at 2:14 p.m. Buses will arrive for early dismissal.
    • If you are picking your child up, please remember to come at 2:14 p.m.

Please Remember that next week, September 13, a big day!

  • Our “Meet the Teacher Night” will be held from 6:00 7:00 p.m..
  • From 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. we will be having a “Welcome Back BBQ.” Staff will be preparing hot dogs and hamburgers for parents and students.
    • Please indicate your attendance to the BBQ by using the link emailed to you last week.
  • A Board Meeting will be held in the Learning Commons beginning at 7:00 p.m. Parents are welcome to attend.

Welcome Back!

A new school year always brings with it excitement, and all of the changes that have occurred in the school over the summer add to that excitement.

Whether you are returning to New Horizons School, or you are new to our school, we are looking forward to seeing you on the first day of school on August 30.

Those of you who  drove past the school may have noticed that the site was buzzing with activity all summer long.  That buzzing of activity will be continuing for the next few days so that things are in place as much as possible for the first day of school.

While teachers officially begin on Monday, August 28, staff,  as you can imagine, are already in the school. Staff did not have access to the school all summer until the last few days.  There are many items that were displaced to make way for the summer renovations and are needing to be moved back in place. At this point, much of that is unable to happen until more spaces are made available to us.

With that in mind, we have these updates.

Contacting the Office

The office area and foyer underwent a major transformation and will be unrecognizable to those who have been in the school before! Only yesterday was when we could begin unboxing the huge number of items the office area stores. That unboxing will continue through the week.

Currently, our office phones are still not hooked up. If you need to contact the office, please use our Contact Page to email us. We will let you know when the phones are back in business.

Entering the School

The school is still considered a construction site so public access is limited to only those who have made prior arrangements with the school. Please do not enter the school without prior approval.

First Day Back

Over the next few days, we will be posting our First Day Back information so that you and your child will know what to anticipate when you arrive on August 30.

Parking Lot

Our parking lot has been expanded! It will be paved over the weekend and available for use by the first day of school.

Our First Day Back information will include our traffic management and parking plan.

Other Spaces

  • Floors and Ceilings: New flooring and ceiling tiles continues to be installed.
  • Gymnasium: Wow! It is looking bright and new. New lights, paint, and sound panels have been installed. Currently, the floor is being sanded down in preparation of a new finishing.
  • Foods Room: The new foods room is still being completed. What a great looking kitchen!
  • Other Classrooms: The remainder of the classrooms were renovated and that included more windows!
  • Once the major work has been completed, a terminal cleaning will occur before students arrive.

Please check back to this site over the next few days for further updates.


The Last Two Weeks Ahead (June 19 – June 30)

Provincial Achievement Tests (PAT) for students in Grades 6 and 9 will be occurring in the last two weeks of school. Grade 7 and 8 final exams will also be occurring.

Monday,  June 19

  •  Grade 6 PAT:  Language Arts (Part B)


  • So You Think You’re Canadian, Eh?: Students from grades 4-6 and 7-9 are invited to create house teams to participate in a Canadian trivia challenge. Students can create multi-grade teams of four, as long as all members are from the same house (Earth, Air, Fire, Water). Students have from today to Wednesday to submit team names. The teams will undergo a preliminary round on Thursday to determine which teams will play off next week.

Tuesday, June 20

  • Grade 6 PAT:  Math (Part A and Part B)

Wednesday, June 21

  • Aboriginal Day: Over the last two weeks, the Junior High students have been receiving training on aboriginal games. On Wednesday morning, the Junior High Students will be teaching the games to the elementary students.
  • Junior High Sports Day: Junior High students will be participating in a variety of sport events in the afternoon.


  • Modernization – End of Phase 3 Move:  We will begin getting access to the renovated room (west side junior high classrooms, Kindergarten Room, and new foods lab/classroom).


Thursday,  June 22

  • Grade 6 PAT:  Social Studies
  • So You Think You’re Canadian, Eh? :  During lunch recess, teams will enter a preliminary round. Each team will receive a list of Canadian Trivia questions. The teams with the most number of correct responses will qualify for the final next week.

Thursday,  June 22

  • Grade 6 PAT:  Social Studies

Friday,  June 23

  • Grade 6 PAT:  Science
  • Grade 7 & 8 Final Exam: Science

  • Kindergarten Graduation:



Monday,  June 26

  • Grade 9 PAT: Social Studies
  • Grade 7 & 8 Final Exam: Social Studies
  • Division 1 (Grades 1-3) Sports Day:  The event will be in the afternoon.
  • School Council Annual General Meeting: 7:00 p.m. in the NHS Learning Commons. Click here for more.

Tuesday, June 27

  • Grade 9 PAT:  Language Arts (Part B)
  • Grade 7 & 8 Final Exam: Language Arts


  • So You Think You’re Canadian, Eh?: House teams play against each other in a trivia challenge. The event begins at 11:15 a.m.


  • Division 2 (Grades 4-6) Sports Day:  The event will be in the afternoon.


Wednesday, June 28

  • Grade 9 PAT: Math
  • Grade 7 & 8 Final Exam: Math
  • Junior High Sports Day: Junior High students will be participating in a variety of sport events in the afternoon.
  • FANHS Annual General Meeting: 6:30 p.m. in the NHS Learning Commons. Click here for more.

Thursday,  June 29

  • Grade 9 PAT:  Science
  • Last Day of School For Students:
  • Grade 4-9 Awards Ceremony & Grade 9 Farewell:
    • The awards ceremony begins at 1:00 p.m.
    • The ceremony will include a farewell ceremony to our grade 9 students.

Friday,  June 30

  • Administration Day:  No school for students.



  • August 21 to 25:  Office Re-Opens
  • August 28-29: NHS Staff PD
  • August 30: First Day of School For Students

Piano Donated to NHS

A huge thank you is extended to Mrs. Vitalia Karbonik for her generosity and thoughtfulness in donating a piano to our school.

We are currently keeping the piano in our new primary wing student gathering area. Students are encouraged to play the piano before and after school, and during recesses. It has been simply wonderful hearing music ring through the halls at those times.

Mrs. Karbonik’s donation comes at a time when we are expanding our music program. Thank you, Mrs. Karbonik, for helping our students share their musical talents while at school, and for supporting the growth of music in New Horizons School.

The Week Ahead (June 12-16)

Many students in our school have leadership as one of their IPP goals. This week, several of those leadership activities are continuing.

Monday,  June 12

  •  Dodge Ball:  NHS student Evan S.  began his IPP leadership project last week. It includes organizing and managing a dodge ball tournament for grade 4-6 students. This week his tournament continues during lunch recess today.


  • Tools For Schools: Students Hailey K. and Kashley M. have organized a drive to collect school supplies for students in need. Tools for Schools, a United Way campaign, supports students across Canada. The campaign is asking for new items that can be put into student back-packs. The drive ends on Friday this week. House points will be awarded for donations.

Tuesday, June 13

  • Dance-A-Thon: Last week we published a story about two students, Lauren A. and Meadow H., and their IPP leadership goal. Their goal was to choreograph dances to teach other students, and then using the dance theme to raise funds for the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation. The second part of their goal was to organize a Dance-A-Thon. Last week, students were invited to donate to the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation and by doing so are able to participate in the event.
  • On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Dance-A-Thon will occur during lunch recesses.

Wednesday, June 14

  • Dance-A-Thon: A representative from the Stollery Children’s Hospital will be at NHS just before lunch to receive the funds raised through the Dance-A-Thon


  • Board Meeting: 7:00 p.m. in the NHS Learning Commons

Friday,  June 16

  • Math Fair: Students from grades 4-6 have been working on their math fair projects and will be hosting a math fair. Our math fairs follow the SNAP math fair principles: A SNAP math fair is Student-centered, Non-competitive, All-inclusive, and Problem-based.
  • Math fairs provide a meaningful problem-solving experience for all students –  for the creators of the projects and the participants.
  • The Math Fair will be held from 2-3 p.m. Parents are welcome to join.


  • Tools For Schools: Last day for this campaign.