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New Horizons School

Welcome to New Horizons School

New Horizons School is a K-9 public charter school that enables academically gifted students to achieve excellence in an environment that supports the students’ unique intellectual, social and emotional needs. Established in 1995, New Horizons is Alberta’s oldest charter school.

As a publicly funded charter school in Alberta, we have no tuition fees and follow the Alberta programs of study. Our school is unique in that it offers a congregated learning environment for gifted learners for the entire school day. It is a place where gifted learners can be challenged and learn with like minded peers.

New Horizons School is located  in Sherwood Park, Alberta and serves the needs of gifted learners from Strathcona County and other communities in the Capital Region including Edmonton.


  • Fundraising Association of New Horizons School: Update

    December 5, 2016

    FANHS has published an update. You can view the update by following this link.

  • Computer Science Week Comes to NHS!

    November 30, 2016

    The week of December 5th to 11th is Computer Science Education week and NHS is excited to participate with events happening throughout the week. Students in grades 3-9 will have the opportunity to listen to speakers on a variety of interesting topics from gadgets and software to computer security! Students will also get the chance […]

  • Belonging – A Grade 1 Perception

    November 24, 2016

    Miss Mackinnon’s grade 1 students were studying about belonging in groups. Her students said they belonged to “NHS” and “Nighthawks.” From there, the students came up with the idea of designing a flag for our school. The class created three designs and they voted on the one that they thought was the best.  Each student had a […]

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